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With over 60 years combined experience in the Real Estate Industry, our team is here to help you find the best properties for Sale and Rent in Trinidad and Tobago.

Stuart Spiers

Our Story

Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services Limited (SSRES) was established 18 years ago. We are a general real estate brokerage company consisting of eight (8) staff members. Our team comprises of one Managing Director, one Executive Sales Agent, one Office Manager and six Sales Agents. We bring a combined real estate work experience of over 60 years.

The Agency has handled numerous sales and rentals of both residential and commercial properties. Our clients have included expatriate purchasers and tenants as well as private sector businesses and rentals to oil companies and government agencies.

The founder of the company, Mr. Stuart Spiers, is a very well respected and recognized professional in the real estate industry in Trinidad and Tobago. He has sat on the board of AREA (Association of Real Estate Agents) having previously served as vice president of the Association for two years. The Association works very closely with the government and international monitoring organizations to try to regulate and improve the professionalism of the industry as well as assist the Government with real estate related planning.

Mr Spiers has been a practitioner of Real Estate since 1999 and brings another 17 years of Service Industry Experience with him from 1984-1999. He completed the AREA’s Principles of Real Estate Course in 2000 and is currently a lecturer for this course at Roytec.

SSRES has also been the recipient of numerous Sales and Performance Industry awards in 2015, 2016 and copping 6 Industry top awards in 2017 including the most Commercial Sales and the most Commercial Rentals.

Stuart Spiers

Our Team

Stuart Spiers

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Tracy Sheppard

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Stephen Daniel

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Vaughn Amow

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Kavelle Savary

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Melissa Bristo

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Georgia Alexander

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Warren Kerry

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Stuart Spiers

Client Testimonials

The entire team at Stuart Spiers Real Estate are a pleasure to work with. From the office manager to all the agents they are super friendly, helpful and most importantly they get the job done.

My first encounter with the company was when they found a beautiful home for my wife and I. They really understood our vision and executed with everything ticked off our dream checklist. The best part was that they made the process stress free. We enjoyed every moment, including the handing over of the keys!

The second encounter was with Tracy Sheppard, as she is a property manager. She contracted me to manage her clients Air Conditioning systems, knowing that I own and operate “Breezy Brands Ltd”.

Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services exceeds customer care by not only finding you a home easily, but over time you become family to them.

– Brandon A., Breezy Brands Ltd

I contracted Stuart Spiers Real Estate when I decided to sell our house.

This was my first experience selling a home and working with a real estate agency.

I was impressed with the service I received. They were knowledgeable, efficient, professional and they made me feel assured that they were looking after my best interest throughout the process. I would highly recommend the company.

– Michelle B.

Looking for a building for your business can be a chore. That is why I consider myself lucky to have met Ms. Lorraine John of Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services. She took that chore of looking away from me.

Her professionalism and caring meant that I was able to relax knowing that she was on the job. I always felt sure that she had my interest at heart. It was reassuring to feel that it was not just about a quick fix, as Ms John always tried her best to ensure that she recommended something that met my needs. She is service-oriented and goes the extra mile to assist at all times.

Additionally on the occasions that I had to visit the office, the staff was equally as professional and friendly. I do not hesitate to recommend Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services. If all the agents are like Lorraine you will definitely be in good hands.

– Joanne M. – Director, One Source Solutions Limited